Industrial Iron Chandelier with Glass Trim

Product no.: C09124
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This unique industrial styled chandelier has a mix of recycled glass and iron that fits the bill for that very industrial setting. The all wrought iron and recycled glass complements each other well. The fixture is all wrought iron with two main spindles that holds iron bars for the candles. The chandelier is rectangular and the iron candles are all evenly spaced and at the same height. The upper bar holds just more of the recycled glass pieces for more character. Each iron arm holds one candle and a round circle of recycled glass for the crystal effect. Each glass piece has that wavy and thick feel of recycled glass in a clear color. The glass pieces are much larger than they appear at about 2" across each. The iron is all finished in our Old Iron for a natural look. This chandelier has 8 lights, four each side, and a double chain up to one canopy. The chandelier is 42" long x 30" deep from side to side and 23" high to where the chain meets. The chains are 6 feet long each and the lights are 60w maximum each for plenty of light. A great island or long dining table chandelier. The iron arms are placed in just the right place and are not movable. Matches our other chandeliers C09126 and C09125. Weight is 25 pounds.

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