Metallic Bronze Globe Lantern Chandelier

Product no.: C09354
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This unique globe lantern rectangular chandelier is medium length but with a narrow profile all in a distressed metallic bronze. The three lights sit between two rods encased in glass with a round profile to resemble lanterns. The bulbs hang down for plenty of light at 60w each and are regular size instead of candelabra. Use this light over an island or smaller rectangular or oval dining table. The chandelier connects to a canopy by adjustable extension rods that are 15" up to 61" high. Metallic Bronze in a distressed finish covers this iron fixture for an aged appearance in bronze with silver and gold highlights. Hanging weight is 16 pounds. Size: 36" long x 9" deep x 15" high for the fixture and up to 61" high including the rods. Part of the Lillian August collection.

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