Mirrored Wall Shelf with White Trim

Product no.: GV881571
Price incl. sales tax.

This unique mirror is really a shadow box framed to display your favorite art piece. The all wood shelf is covered in clear mirrors with the center mirror having a bevel around the inner edge and outer edge. Then all of the pieces of mirror are framed in thin white metal. This gives the mirrors a substantial look and helps to frame the center object. This overall shadow box has an Arabesque design and feel in the way the mirrors are displayed and connected. Use the square open boxed area in the middle for art. The wall does show in this center square. This shadow box hangs with a 12" metal wall cleat which is included with the mirror. Size: 24" across x 24" high x 3.5" deep from wall. The open display square is 3.5" deep. The vase is not included.

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