Turquoise Marble Orb Chandelier

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This beautiful new round turquoise marble beaded sphere pendant is perfect for the center of rooms and for dining. The pretty fixture is all iron that has been finished in a dark distressed gold with a row of antiqued mirrors for the center band between the strings of turquoise. This classic form brings an element of surprise with its turquoise color and could be used in a traditional or contemporary setting. The strings of turquoise marble are a natural turquoise tone and follow along the iron framework to complete the perfect orb. There are five lights that are suspended by a metal rod from the top and hang toward the bottom of the orb. The orb is closed on the bottom and the lights peek through the rows of beads. Each of the five lights are 60w maximum and the orb has a 6 foot chain. Orb size: 28" across at the center point for a larger sized orb x 33" high from the iron tip on the bottom up to where the chain meets. Weight is 37 pounds.


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Glass Beaded Turquoise Chandelier Glass Beaded Turquoise Chandelier
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