Winterthur Lighting

Winterthur Lighting

Winterthur Lighting

All of this lighting is inspired by the 18th century pieces found at Winterthur.

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Winterthur Antiqued Crystal Wall Sconce

Product no.: C05357

$660.00 *

Black and Gold Winterthur Wall Sconce

Product no.: C05412

$670.00 *

Winterthur Aged Crystal Medium Pendant

Product no.: C09357

$980.00 *

Winterthur Crystal Aged Large Pendant

Product no.: C09388

$1,890.00 *

Winterthur Crystal Flush Mount Pendant

Product no.: C09979

$990.00 *

Winterthur Ceiling Mount Crystal Pendant

Product no.: C09387

$1,690.00 *
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