Lillian August Lighting

Lillian August Lighting

Lillian August Lighting

Lillian August lighting is unique and exclusive. Modern to traditional styles available.

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Traditional Black Small Lantern

Product no.: C09045

$1,190.00 *

Traditional Black Large Lantern

Product no.: C09046

$1,490.00 *

Lillian August Gold Ornate Wall Sconce

Product no.: C05309

$740.00 *

Lillian August Tall White Alabaster Lamp

Product no.: C06294

$1,070.00 *

Lillian August Modern Shaded Pendant

Product no.: C09050

$1,370.00 *

Aged Iron Square Modern Foyer Lantern

Product no.: C09748

$1,990.00 *

Modern Nickel Shaded Wall Sconce

Product no.: C05084QS

$390.00 *

Black Hallway Pendant with Glass

Product no.: C09910

$690.00 *

Old Iron Lantern Wall Sconce

Product no.: C05119QS

$580.00 *

Brass and Optic Crystal Pyramid Lamp

Product no.: C06557

$1,570.00 *

Metallic Bronze Orb with Glass Sides

Product no.: C09750

$1,990.00 *

Crystal and Aged Gold Iron Chandelier

Product no.: C09048

$2,540.00 *

Metallic Bronze Globe Lantern Chandelier

Product no.: C09354

$1,970.00 *
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