Metallic Bronze Lighting

Metallic Bronze Lighting

Metallic Bronze Lighting

This lighting has a mix of gold and silver over bronze for a metallic look. Mixes well.

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Metallic Bronze Orb with Glass Sides

Product no.: C09750

$1,920.00 *

Metallic Bronze Globe Lantern Chandelier

Product no.: C09354

$1,890.00 *

Metallic Bronze Iron Linear Chandelier

Product no.: C09915

$1,870.00 *

Bronze Curved Mirrored Wall Sconce

Product no.: C05193

$690.00 *

Bronze and Gold Modern Wall Sconce

Product no.: C05175

$590.00 *

Metallic Bronze Mirrored Long Chandelier

Product no.: C09517

$1,890.00 *

Metallic Bronze Orb Chandelier

Product no.: C09425

$1,100.00 *

Metallic Mirrored Chandelier - Small

Product no.: C09759

$1,460.00 *

Metallic Mirrored Tiered Chandelier - Lg

Product no.: C09454

$1,940.00 *

Metallic Bronze Metal Shaded Oval Pendant

Product no.: C09584

$1,790.00 *

Metallic Bronze Open Iron Chandelier

Product no.: C09998

$1,190.00 *
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