Lighting that hangs with chains or rods in a pendant design. See specific size categories on the left.

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Winterthur Aged Crystal Medium Pendant

Product no.: C09357

$980.00 *

Winterthur Crystal Aged Large Pendant

Product no.: C09388

$1,890.00 *

Winterthur Crystal Flush Mount Pendant

Product no.: C09979

$990.00 *

Winterthur Ceiling Mount Crystal Pendant

Product no.: C09387

$1,690.00 *

Lillian August Modern Shaded Pendant

Product no.: C09050

$1,370.00 *

Modern Coiled Wire Nickel Pendant

Product no.: GV991810

$849.00 *

Black Hallway Pendant with Glass

Product no.: C09910

$690.00 *

Industrial Black Mirrored Pendant

Product no.: C09056QS

$670.00 *

Industrial Gray Turbine Pendant

Product no.: C09861

$910.00 *

Turned Nickel Pendant - Large

Product no.: GV991711

$2,149.00 *

Turned Nickel Pendant - Medium

Product no.: GV991440

$1,988.00 *

Metallic Bronze Orb with Glass Sides

Product no.: C09750

$1,990.00 *

Industrial Clear Glass Pendant

Product no.: C09060QS

$460.00 *

Contemporary Silver Glass Balls Pendant

Product no.: C09205

$960.00 *

Small Capiz Shell Slender Pendant

Product no.: C09055QS

$460.00 *

Iron Round Ceiling Light with Shade

Product no.: C09904

$1,030.00 *

Contemporary Silver and Glass Pendant

Product no.: C09001

$2,070.00 *

Industrial Steel Dining Pendant

Product no.: C09782QS

$910.00 *

Round Orb Industrial Pendant Light

Product no.: C09886

$770.00 *

Turned Bronze Pendant - Large

Product no.: GV991104

$2,149.00 *

Modern Coiled Wire Bronze Pendant

Product no.: GV991812

$849.00 *

Industrial Blackened Steel Dining Pendant

Product no.: C09781

$1,030.00 *

Contemporary Orb Silver and Gold Chandelier

Product no.: C09961

$1,170.00 *

Ceiling Mount Recycled Glass Pendant

Product no.: C09892

$490.00 *

Industrial Carved Wood Gray Pendant

Product no.: C09326

$1,440.00 *

Modern Wood Oval Pendant

Product no.: C09096

$1,240.00 *

Black Iron Pendant with Linen Shade

Product no.: C09238

$650.00 *

Turquoise Marble Orb Chandelier

Product no.: C09763

$2,730.00 *

Nickel Round Shaded Pendant - ExLarge

Product no.: GV991589

$3,399.00 *

Contemporary Glass Basket Pendant

Product no.: C09002

$3,770.00 *

Driftwood Orb Pendant Chandelier

Product no.: C09078

$1,190.00 *

Black Antiqued Wire Ceiling Light

Product no.: C09902QS

$1,170.00 *

Chestnut Wood Orb Chandelier

Product no.: C09133

$1,490.00 *

Modern Nickel Barn Pendant

Product no.: C09114

$440.00 *

Modern Wire Nickel 3 light Pendant

Product no.: GV991809

$2,399.00 *
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1 - 36 of 93 results

Up to 9" wide

Up to 9" wide

These smaller pendants include minis and smaller hallway pendants. Use these pendants in multiples for an impact.
10" to 19" wide

10" to 19" wide

These pendants are medium sized in width and perfect for small dining, islands, hallways and small foyers. Can be used in multiples over larger islands.
20" wide and up

20" wide and up

These pendants are a larger size and perfect for large dining, center of rooms and larger foyers.