Unique furniture accents for any room in your space from pedestals to room screens to unique tables.

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Modern Black Mirrored Room Screen

Product no.: C04000-0004

$6,240.00 *

Black and Brass Folding Screen

Product no.: C03244

$8,000.00 *

Dark Mahogany Fretwork Room Screen

Product no.: C03000-0003

$3,140.00 *

Antiqued Vanity Table Mirror

Product no.: C01300

$1,120.00 *

Antiqued Mirrored Vanity Table

Product no.: C04004

$2,620.00 *

Wood and Iron Document Box Table

Product no.: GV490037

$749.00 *

Ivory Wood Display Pedestal

Product no.: GV420033

$2,249.00 *

Walnut Wood Display Pedestal

Product no.: GV420032

$2,499.00 *

Cut Stone Display Pedestal

Product no.: GV992402

$2,248.00 *
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