DESIGNER QUICK SHIP UPHOLSTERY! This is a line of upholstery that DESIGNERS buy! We have sofas and chairs in the latest styles, upgraded cushions and free shipping. Ships within two weeks of receiving your COM fabric at the factory. Send your own COM fabric or purchase a designer fabric from us.

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Traditional English Arm Sofa - 84"

Product no.: QS390-84

$2,799.00 *

Traditional Rolled Arm Sofa - 84"

Product no.: QS370-84

$2,859.00 *

Transitional Tight Back Sofa - 80"

Product no.: QS230-80

$2,459.00 *

Transitional Tight Back Loveseat - 56"

Product no.: QS230-56

$2,159.00 *

Modern Upholstered Tight Back Sofa - 80"

Product no.: QS270-80

$2,759.00 *

Traditional Full Skirt Upholstered Ottoman

Product no.: QS097-11

$849.00 *

Traditional Plush Upholstered Ottoman

Product no.: QS097-00

$799.00 *

Transitional Smaller Upholstered Ottoman

Product no.: QS580-24

$759.00 *

Transitional Upholstered Wood Ottoman

Product no.: QS115-27

$859.00 *

Modern Dining Chair with Arms

Product no.: QS142-00

$820.00 *

Dining Armless Upholstered Chair

Product no.: QS950-20

$820.00 *

Transitional Upholstered Lounge Chair

Product no.: QS580-00

$1,649.00 *

Transitional Upholstered Modern Chair

Product no.: QS115-00

$1,629.00 *

Traditional Upholstered Wider Chair

Product no.: QS970-00

$1,549.00 *

Traditional Upholstered English Chair

Product no.: QS150-00

$1,749.00 *

Traditional Wider English Club Chair

Product no.: QS028-00

$1,549.00 *

Traditional Roll Back Club Chair

Product no.: QS281-00

$1,659.00 *
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