Gold Iron Adjustable Height Chandelier

Gold Iron Adjustable Height Chandelier

Product no.: C09490
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This is a more modern gold chandelier that has been cold forged and formed into a ring design of curves. The wrought iron forms a graceful curved round chandelier that resembles a slinky design. Each curve holds a shorter candle for ten in all and for plenty of illumination. The chandelier is held by five air craft cables that holds the light at the level and height you need. Made for short ceilings or tall ceilings depending on the cable you use when hanging. Ten lights at 60w maximum each with distressed ivory candles in a shorter style for 600w illumination. The iron is finished with a bright distressed gold leaf with natural colored metal air craft cables. Matches our wall sconce C05207. Hanging weight is 16 pounds. Size: 46" across the round chandelier and height from 16" high up to 120" high.

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