Oyster Shell and Iron Ring Chandelier

Oyster Shell and Iron Ring Chandelier

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This unique round ring chandelier is a simple frame of iron that sports a new twist of oyster shells for the trim. The all iron ring is held by four round rods up to a central disc that holds the chandelier. The outer ring is covered in natural oyster shells and placed by hand around the ring. The shells are all natural and may vary in color from white to beige to even a slight pink or orange. There are eight lights that sit horizontal around the ring. They are short in stature so they peek out from between the oyster shells, see our other views. Each light is 60w maximum for a total of 480 watts of light that shines through the open ring. The iron is all finished in a rustic textured dark bronze that is repeated on the 6 foot chain and canopy. Notice the chain has rods included inbetween the links for a unique look. Size: 38" wide across x 28" high up to the chain. Adjustable links and chains up to 79" high. Hanging weight is 36 pounds.


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