Natural Rattan Dining Pendant

Natural Rattan Dining Pendant

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This is a larger rattan pendant with an artistic construction using traditional woven techniques. The layered pendant features an all iron frame that holds the pendant. Then five layers of rattan shades are stacked to create a modern design all in a natural hand made rattan basket. The rattan shades becomes the focus with the iron frame hidden underneath. Each shade is hand formed and is kept in its natural tone and the shades are angular for a more geometric and contemporary look. There are nine lights in all behind the shades which are open on the bottoms. Each bulb is candelabra size and is 60w maximum for plenty of light. There is a 6 foot chain in a darker khaki color that also matches the iron frame inside and the canopy. Use this pendant for dining, the center of a small room or in a foyer. Size: 30" wide across the widest shade x 24" high up to where the chain meets. Hanging weight is 20 pounds.


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