Seaglass Silver Ring Modern Chandelier

Seaglass Silver Ring Modern Chandelier

Product no.: C09870
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This beautiful exciting seaglass silver chandelier features an all iron frame in a round circular shape with solid rods and rings to connect it to the decorative top piece. The iron is all finished in a bright distressed silver including the candle sleeves. The seaglass is tumbled for 10 hours to achieve a beautiful aqua patina and then hand applied in shards to the ring and top in an uneven yet natural way. The shards are softened on the edges and adds just the right hint of color to this chandelier. The chandelier has 6 candles at 60w maximum each and is held by a single matching 6 foot chain and canopy. The width allows this chandelier to be used for larger dining or for the center of a medium sized room. All wrought iron in silver with applied glass. Size: 35" across the round ring x 29" high up to where the chain meets. This item is new, you may preorder if not yet available.


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