Wood Drapery Rings for 1 3/8" diameter rod,Wood Stained finishes, 4 colors, 3 lengths, FREE QUICKSHIP,Designer Hardware




Colors to choose from:
Washed White (off white to ivory)
Limed Grey   (grey tone)
Aged Oak     (med brown)
Ash Brown    (dark brown)
The stain is on wood oak rings, the grain shows through, see photos.

Ring size: 2 1/4" drop; 1 3/4" inner diameter; 2 1/2" outer diameter. Fits our 1 3/8" wood poles. Pins not included and may be purchased at any fabric store.

Design note: You can slide your pins up or down to accommodate the length of your drape.


23" panel, 1 width:     6 rings
33" panel, 1 1/2 width: 8 rings
43" panel, 2 widths:    11 rings
48" panel:              16 rings
72" panel:              24 rings
96" panel:              30 rings
Design Note: Always include a ring on the ends so the drape hangs correctly. This guide is just an estimate and can be altered.

NOTE: These are the same rod sets and rings that designers across the US use for their clients. Buy what the designers use!

NOTE: Quickship Hardware - Ships out in 3-5 days. Cut and made to your project, NO RETURNS on this custom order. Check your measurements carefully before ordering. But contact us if you have a problem with your order.


Wood Stained Drapery Rings 1 3/8" rod size, Quickship, Set of 12